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In the Communication Hub model most of the administrative work is done remotely. The office is a place for meetings and teamwork. This means the proportions of office space need to change – there will be fewer traditional workstations and more meeting places and settings that facilitate collaboration.

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Before the pandemic many companies used to organise their work in a stationary office. Employees had their assigned workstations, where they completed administrative tasks individually. An office was often organised in the form of an open space with rows of desks.


The time of a large open space is a thing of the past now. In the Communication Hub model you will find smaller semi-open spaces. This solution is safer and more comfortable for the users. This assumes desk sharing in this space. Employees who work according to the hybrid set up do not have an assigned workstation. They occupy a vacant desk, the location of which they select depending on the needs of a task to be performed on a given day.

Work where you feel best!

A desk is not always the best place for performing all kinds of office work –  this is the leading concept behind the idea known as desk sharing. Of course, ergonomics matters, too  –  a proper chair and desk are the foundation of efficient office work. But the best body posture for us is always the next one. Make sure you change your body posture while you work –  you can move from behind the desk to the sofa in the shared space or to a coffee table in the lounge. Do this until you find the place where you feel best.

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Challenges in the office of tomorrow: WORKSTATIONS

While my employees switch into hybrid work, are they still going to need a desk in the office?

If you go for the hybrid model, you assume that your employees will perform administrative work from home. They will come to the office to meet with other team members and do joint project work. In this scenario, maintaining individually assigned workstations is ineffective. Support your team in creating an ergonomic workstation at home, and make sure there is plenty of space for meetings and creative work in the office. Also, provide desk sharing spaces, where your employees could sit down and reply to e-mails after a meeting.

How to introduce the idea of desk sharing in your organisation?

Employees often have some doubts about desk sharing. Not having a desk of your own may result in a sense of loss and missing out. Instead, you can offer a number of different spaces designed for meetings and creative work. A well-planned internal communication is incredibly important in this respect. It is also a good idea to support your employees in organising an ergonomic workstation at home. This is where they are going to complete most administrative tasks, which they used to do in the office before.

Some of your employees will need dedicated desks in the office, because the character of their work requires it?

Is there a place for them in the office of tomorrow? See our ideas for stationary office arrangements or contact us for more concepts. Together we will find a perfect solution for your company!

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