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Welcoming space

Host & meet

The entrance zone is where the first impressions are formed. Have a look at it through the eyes of your visitors. Arrange it, so that it can become an independent office ready to welcome each guest. The remaining part of the office space should be accessible only for your employees.

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The entrance zone was often limited to a reception desk and waiting room. Visitors could freely walk around the whole office and meetings with clients were organised in a number of rooms.


The Welcoming Space is an autonomous office, with a reception desk, meeting rooms, separate kitchen or cloakroom. This is how you ensure that visitors do not access the operational part of your office. This is crucial for the employees’ safety and comfort, but also for the confidentiality of the data processed in your company.

Choose flexibility!

The space designed for meetings with visitors should be flexible. Movable furniture, folded walls – that’s how you can adjust the room to the needs of a specific meeting.

You can also transform the room to make it a teamwork space.

Products used in the visualization

Challenges in the office of tomorrow: WELCOMING SPACE

How to make sure your employees remain safe and avoid unnecessary contact with third-party visitors?

Divide your office space into an open part designed for visitors and another part with limited access and designed only for the employees. The entrance zone can be an independent office with meeting rooms and a kitchen. This is how you ensure that visitors don’t access the operational part of your office.

How to come up with a range of different places for meetings with external visitors in a limited space?

Design flexible meeting rooms. With folded walls you can organise a training for clients or a larger meeting. After you divide this space, you get two independent rooms.

Would you like to know how to arrange your entrance zone?

What kind of and how many rooms should it include? Do you need a kitchenette? Be inspired with our solutions. Let’s join forces and try to adjust them so as to answer the needs of your organisation.

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