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Meeting space

Discuss & co-create

Meeting zones will be of key importance in a Communication Hub. While you work from home, it’s the face to face meetings and informal interactions that you miss the most. An office will therefore be a hub that facilitates interaction and meetings.

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A frequent problem in many offices was that there was not enough meeting space. There were not enough rooms, or they were too big and not flexible enough, which means it was impossible to make the most of the available space.


The office of tomorrow is primarily a space for communication. Teams involved in hybrid work will come to the office mainly to meet and work on a project together. The key thing will be to come up with a number of smaller rooms used for meetings or brainstorming, with appropriate equipment for video calls. The rooms should be flexible and the furniture - lightweight and movable, so that it’s possible to rearrange the space easily to match the needs of a specific meeting.

Arrange flexible meeting zones

Provide your staff with the tools for effective communication and teamwork.

Products used in the visualization

The office of tomorrow is primarily a space for communication

A number of various meeting rooms – for creative work and video calls.

Products used in the visualization

Challenges in the office of tomorrow: MEETING SPACE

How to ensure proper communication between people who work from home and those who come to the office??

A video call system should be installed in every meeting room regardless of its size and function. This is to facilitate effective communication between a team where some of the members work from home and others in the office. Remember, hybrid meetings require different rules and specific moderation. It’s important to make sure that everybody feels comfortable and has equal rights to participate and take the floor during a video call.

What about the need to focus?

Does the office of tomorrow have a specific space designed for deep work? Explore our report to see how we arranged a room for quiet work – FOCUS XL. Let’s talk about your office, which could strike a perfect balance between communication and focus zones.

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