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Agile Space

Collaborate & update

Flexibility rules! Choose mobile furniture, which can be easily rearranged and styled to suit current needs of the users. Forget restrictions: boost the creativity of your team, so they can come up with innovative solutions and dare to think out of the box.

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As we observed a number of offices, we often saw the need for various meeting and project work rooms. But sometimes there were none or not enough.


An Agile Space is a multifunctional space for a project team: flexible furniture solutions mean you can easily adjust this space to the current needs of its users. Do you want to organise a stand-up meeting or a brainstorming session? Would you like to discuss an ad hoc issue or take a while to work on your own? We have come up with solutions that can support any of these activities.

Agile zones call for agile and smart solutions!

Large project table – the central place for any team meeting and project work. It can also be a great place for individual work. It’s enough to shift the movable panels to separate yourself from the rest of the office.

Brainstorming – a multifunctional piece of furniture with a dry-wipe board on one side and storage space on the other, so that you can hide away the pouffes when these are not needed. This place is perfect for daily stand-up meetings.

Products used in the visualization

Challenges in the office of tomorrow: AGILE SPACE

Does the office answer to the needs of various project teams?

Sometimes teamwork can come in a variety of forms. That’s why the available space should include solutions that answer to diverse needs. Our Agile Space is based on movable solutions, which are easy to rearrange and adjust to specific needs. Projects and individual work can be completed in a single space, which facilitates communication and boosts the effectiveness of the team.

Where should you organise the teamwork zone?

In Communication Hub we suggest that the agile zone should be placed between two semi-open spaces. This is how it naturally becomes a meeting point and a good place for teamwork. The employees can work in pairs at the workbench, engage in a stand-up meeting at the tall table or meet in a larger group around the project table.

Sometimes you need a while to slow down …

Would you like to arrange a chill-out zone for your employees? Is table football enough for this purpose? How has the pandemic changed our approach to well-being? You can find out more about t in the report. And if you would like us to help you arrange the office of tomorrow – feel free to contact us.

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